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Structure of a College Essay

Depending on where you come from, education is a universal process that follows a pyramid. Each learning institution forms a block that must be broken down into smaller, manageable sections. In almost all cases, the education system constitutes a ladder that leads to the next level of learning.

However, it is essential to note that not all learning institutions share similar objectives. In most cases, each learner has their own specific area of interest. As such, they will undoubtedly have topics to address in their essay.

Thus, a college essay is an introduction that gives the reader a general idea of the subject. It helps to demonstrate paper writer the extent to which they have understood the topic. Furthermore, it also explores an original perspective by tying in some of the themes found in the broader subject.

In its basic format, a college essay should contain the following sections.


This is generally the first paragraph of your essay. Hence, it is crucial to begin this section in a manner that shocks the reader. Typically, it should be one of the last sentences of the introductory paragraph. If it is well written, it can make a lasting impression.

Like other parts of the paper, it is recommended that you avoid elaborating too much on the introduction. Instead, aim to merely give a brief overview of the context of the subject. This allows the reader to get more context from which to develop the subsequent paragraphs. Nevertheless, it is equally vital to ensure that you always stay within the confines of the paragraph.

Background Information

Typically, this section is one of the last sections. In this section, you are expected to elaborate on the topic you are about to discuss. Usually, background information is provided on the topic. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that you give the audience a more in-depth context of the topic.

Also, the background will help the reader to differentiate the current affairs in the field. If possible, you can also provide the significance and relevance of the particular theme. This helps to create a foundation for the rest of the essay.

Writing Argument

This is typically the last section of the essay. In most cases, it is followed by supporting evidence. For the sake of clarity, the argument you present in the quote above should be in support of the thesis statement. However, it is recommended that you only include evidence that is in agreement with the argument.

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