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K-9 Ground Search with Thermal Drone

Talk to us before you deploy a thermal drone to help locate your lost pet!

  • 15 min
  • Varies by location
  • Case specific

Service Description

Please schedule a call with Jamie to further discuss your pet's case and how search K-9s, a thermal drone or simply our guidance might help. Speak with a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot, who's also a full-time lost pet professional and K-9 trainer/handler, who has decades of experience in search & rescue, lost pet behavior, lost pet recovery and searching, locating and trapping lost pets, both on the ground and via remote guidance. Jamie combines his extensive expertise, uncanny lost pet instincts and the well-honed skills of his highly trained, off-leash, scent-specific K-9s with the use of a thermal drone, which makes for a powerful combination that's especially effective in his hands. A K-9 ground search consists of intense physical and mental work for both the search dog and handler. That's why these are conducted for no more than 4 hours per day. Because of a scent dog's outstanding olfactory (just a fancy word for smelling) capabilities, our K-9 team (dog & handler) will know - long before any human searching alone - if the missing pet may be in the area. It is this ability and knowledge that permits us to safely search for timid, skittish pets, minimizing the risk of their being driven out of the area or into a dangerous situation.* *Humans searching on their own or with an untrained dog just don't have this key advantage of knowing if they're anywhere near the lost pet. This lack of knowledge is far more likely - as compared to a properly trained/handled search dog - to result in increased risk of scaring or pushing a lost pet from a safe location. What's included: • K-9 ground search conducted by a full-time, professional search and rescue K-9 handler and trainer • Use off-leash K-9 trained in scent-specific trailing, air-scenting and remains detection • Ability and tenacity to identify and search unexpected locations and remote, off-trail and hard-to-navigate areas • Deployment of a thermal drone, at the discretion of the K-9 handler/FAA licensed drone pilot. • Application of land navigation, orienteering, area and terrain evaluation and strategy • Application of decades studying and applying scent theory, animal tracking and lost pet behavior with practical field application. • Education and guidance on tactical equipment, its operation, usage and placement • Post of your missing pet on Packleader PetTrackers' Facebook Page

Contact Details

+ (401)787-7432


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