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Dexter show-time morgan

Fearless, sociable and loving are the best ways to describe Dexter. Handpicked by Jamie himself, Dexter came from a litter of Labrador Retrievers in New Hampshire who descended from field trial labs. Like Trigger, Dexter started his training at eight weeks old. Learning from the best, Jamie mixed Dexter’s two years of training with Dexter running behind Trigger. Over Dexter’s four years of work, he has reunited hundreds of pets with their families -- both alongside Trigger and as the lead K-9 on the search himself. Dexter is trained in obedience, socialization, and off-leash searches, along with scent-specific air scenting, trailing and remains detection. His specialties are both detection skills and opening the pantry door by himself, picking a treat box, and bringing it to you for dispensing!


In Dexter’s downtime, you can find him eating all the treats you’ll dispense for him, rolling in the snow, or snuggled up with his humans. He makes friends with any dog and jumps in the biggest, muddiest, and best puddles and streams he can find!

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