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JAmie Genereux 
I leave the world behind,_I pull my hat

My training in search and rescue (SAR) for humans combined with decades spent as an outdoorsman observing, interacting with and tracking a variety of animals, sets me apart from almost everyone else working in my field. I started my SAR career with Rhode Island Canine Search & Rescue, training search dogs to find missing people generally and after natural and man-made disasters. This work also included state certifications in land navigation and basic search and rescue. In conjunction with that work, I spent 8 years as a full-time private investigator/detective, refining my investigative skills, including camera and video surveillance, and interacting regularly with witnesses and law enforcement. With nearly two decades of search, investigation, tracking and K-9 training behind me, I started Packleader PetTrackers in 2010 and have helped locate hundreds of missing pets since then.


When Trigger (my last K-9 trained for human SAR) and I first began the transition of his scent skills to search for missing pets, the idea of a “pet tracker” was unheard of to most everyone. My experience led to the development of my K-9 remote collar and scent training program. This proprietary training is what allows our dogs to work both independently and in coordination with the handler through electronic and silent communication, using their “toolbox” of cross-functional scent skills to seamlessly mix and match scent disciplines on-the-fly, at their discretion, to best follow the target scent trail. These unique, off-leash, multi-scent discipline dogs are not something even many skilled search dog trainers have seen and are essential to getting close to shy, skittish dogs in survival mode.


Packleader PetTrackers is a professional company with a track record of getting answers for concerned families of missing pets. We have numerous means at our disposal to assess, investigate and provide real-time information. I’m always happy to chat and discuss how we may be able to help reconnect you with your lost family member, so feel free to reach out.

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