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Kitty Litter Outside?

You should never leave cat litter outdoors when your indoor cat goes missing.

Cat litter has been used by coyote trappers for years because it brings them in better than most other lures. Not only does it attract predators, it will also attract stray cats in the area. None of this is what you want when trying to trap your missing cat.

If your indoor cat ran away chances are they ran into the first patch of cover. They are not lost and know exactly where they ran from. Food is plenty to attract an indoor cat back inside the house or into a trap.

So if you haven't done so already, do yourself a favor and avoid the cat litter myth. Also don't bother with the bed. Any scent expert will tell you that a human can't smell themselves, and neither can a dog or cat. They need food, shelter, and water. That is what they look for while they sneak around at 2am.

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