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Tyson the Dog #Found

"Our baby boy is safe and warm being taken care of by the amazing doctors at VCA Shoreline Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Shelton. I can’t even put into words what we are feeling right now, but what I can say is Tyson can finally get a good rest and so will us all that love him so much. We’re proud of our baby for fighting to hold on until we could find him, and I’m so sorry it took this long.

Tyson is currently on pain medication, antibiotics, along with IV. He has multiple wounds being watched for infection and treated which includes having dead tissue cut away to encourage new healthy tissue to grow. His X-rays came back with no broken bones, blood work came back better than expected and all his organs are functioning properly. He is responding to the toe touch check for nerves on his left hind leg but not his right and he is responding to the nerve check of them pressing down his spine and he’s wagging his tail. They said it is an unusual case and worst case scenario may have spinal damage. He is scheduled for an MRI as long as he continues to stay stable enough for anesthesia.

We thank and appreciate each and every one of you who’s being following this nightmare and has donated or shared our Go Fund Me Page. We have a very long road to recovery and we are not out of the woods yet so please keep saying prayers and sending positivity for our baby boy.

CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network we thank you for your hard work and time helping us get the word out as fast as possible and spending days and nights making posters and getting them up. And a special shout out to Kim Kellogg who kept me going and walked us through each day.

I also want to thank the Packleader PetTrackers team again for finding Tyson. You gave Tyson a miracle and we can’t possibly show you our gratitude for that. You’ve made a difference in our lives and we are forever grateful. ❤️

I will continue to post updates, please keep sharing, praying and sending Tyson your love! God knows he deserves it."

- Nicole Ryle

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Jeeino JB
Jeeino JB
25 июн.

Good to know that baby is back home again and I'm happy that his organs are safe and sound I myself is a veterinarian and pet health is everything I care about that's why I recommend all pet parents to use PetPlate promo code to give your furry friends healthy and certified diet. Also can anyone give me the go fund me link I cant really find it.


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