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How to Best Utilize 'Missing Dog' Posters

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

During Suburban Tracking and City Tracking, the use of posters along with trailing dogs can help narrow the search area faster. Posting flyers in the areas indicated by the search dog teams is known to greatly increase the effectiveness of the posters and ultimately finding your missing pet. Hanging posters and getting the word out via social media that your pet is missing may take a lot of time, effort, and resources. This can be a lot for one person or family to undertake, especially at this very stressful and overwhelming time. If people are offering to help with these efforts, you should certainly take advantage of this help. We would still suggest utilizing a trained pet tracker to make sure your pet isn't stuck or injured and to bolster the poster efforts and increase the opportunity for success. Time is the most significant factor for ensuring the scent of your pet is still trackable.

Additionally, the scent traffic of other animals and people can muddle the scent for tracking dogs. From the moment your pet is lost, the only concrete link between you and them is the scent trail they are leaving as they travel. If this trail is contaminated or destroyed, then you will have to rely solely on posters, and the chances that others will see these and call in sightings. Utilizing all of the available tools and resources you have at your disposal will help toward a successful outcome and pet homecoming.

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