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Lost Pet Infrared Thermal Drone Search

Talk to us before you deploy a thermal drone to help locate your lost pet!

  • 15 minutes
  • Varies by location
  • Case specific

Service Description

Please schedule a call with Jamie to further discuss your pet's case and how a thermal drone, search K-9s or simply our guidance might help. Speak with a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot, who's also a full-time lost pet professional and K-9 trainer/handler, who has decades of experience in search & rescue, lost pet behavior, lost pet recovery and searching, locating and trapping lost pets, both on the ground and via remote guidance. Jamie combines the use of a thermal drone with his extensive expertise, uncanny lost pet instincts and the well-honed skills of his highly trained, off-leash, scent-specific K-9s, which makes for a powerful combination that's especially effective in his hands. When deploying a thermal drone to search for a lost pet, it's critical to deploy this aircraft safely and effectively. This means putting the safety of your pet first by seeking to narrow down the search area before the thermal drone is deployed. We want our thermal drone searches to be effective and efficient, limiting as much as possible the amount of time the drone is deployed to reduce the risk of scaring your lost pet out of the area or into an unsafe situation and to make sure your resources are being put to their best use. Available 7 days a week. Covering Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut.

Contact Details

+ (401)787-7432


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