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Norwich Bulletin: Dayville duo help reunite family with dog

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

When Suzanne and John McDonough’s beloved 13-year-old collie, Clarence, died last week, the couple mourned the loss of an extended member of their family, but were also grateful to a Dayville man and his rescue dog for giving them one last holiday with their pet.

“We’re so thankful we got to spend Thanksgiving with Clarence,” Suzanne said. “And that wouldn’t have happened without Jamie and Trigger.”

On Nov. 11, Clarence went missing from his Wrentham, Mass., home. The dog, partially blind and hard of hearing, most likely lost his bearings and wandered from the house, Suzanne said.

“My husband, my parents and neighbors were all out for days looking for him,” she said. “I hung up flyers at the school.”

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