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Gigi the Dog #Found

"We wish we could personally thank every single person who supported us and helped us in ways unimaginable trying to find Gigi. We are beyond thrilled and thankful that she is home with us right now. It has been a really rough past couple of days but all the support we received from our fellow dog lovers and from people just concerned about the well being of her just warms our hearts. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts and Gigi says an extra thank you with a big slobbery kiss! We also want to give a HUGE thank you to Jamie Genereux and Sharon Schawbel and their amazing pup Dexter from Packleader PetTrackers for tracking our baby down and leading her back to us! We could not have done this without you and are forever thankful for you! Gigi is healthy, safe, and home for good and I don’t think any of us will stop squeezing her anytime soon. Thank you EVERYONE!!

**also if you want to keep following Gigi’s adventures, you can follow her on Instagram @princessbumbums 🐶**"

- Alicia Copeland

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