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Honey the Dog #Found

"REUNITED! Found and home safe after more than 2 weeks on the loose.

So, the best news ever. HONEY IS HOME!!! I can't believe it! A good Samaritan saw her overnight on Route 1, followed her for a bit, and after 45 minutes he was able to grab her with his sweatshirt and get her in his trunk (she tried to bite him...) OY. He drove to the North Attleboro Police station with her, they called me at 2:45 a.m. and she was in my arms 10 minutes later. I brought her to the ER vet and other than losing 2 pounds, she seems to be in remarkably good condition. She seemed a bit shell shocked, but perked up as soon as we got home. She's sound asleep on the couch with a full belly. I keep touching her to make sure it's her... a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped in the search, offered advice and words of encouragement, prayers, FB shares, and the like - especially PackLeader PetTrackers, Linda F., Jodi G. and Cindy L., and my amazing family Liz and Leo (who aren't on FB) Leo JR. and Jeannie R. I'll have more details later in the day, but just know that Honey is grounded for life.... XO you all!"

- Attleboro, MA - Lost & Found Pets

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