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Rodeo the Dog #Found


The sweet and lovely couple from the Bear Swamp Orchard & Cidery went out hiking, called to her, and she came right to them! Miracle of miracles!

I can't even begin to imagine repaying the kindness shown to us by this incredible community, near and far. A special shining thank you to pretty much the entire population of Ashfield, who - even for total strangers, and not even residents in the town - wholeheartedly showed up with so much fierce support I was completely blown away. What a gift to be held by such an incredible force! I do hope this message reaches everyone who spread the word for us, shared amazingly thoroughly on social media (you guys get shit done!), printed flyers, called their friends, fervently searched the deep woods, and had a little worry in their hearts for our tiny family. I will be forever in your debt! We couldn't have done it without you.

Although she is sleepy and a little sore from her adventure, she has indulged in a proper meal, enjoyed her favorite toy, and is now getting some much-deserved rest in her cozy bed. We are also off to eat a proper meal and gaze lovingly at our sweet lady.

Thank you all so so much, from the bottom of our desperately exhausted hearts.

(also! A glowing recommendation to Jamie and Dexter from PackLeader PetTrackers. They are an incredible team and I hope that you never need their services, but if you do, don't hesitate!)

(alsooooo.... a last request - if you see a sign around, please feel free to take it down with a flourish! And pat yourself on the back for a job well done!)"

- Melissa

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