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Thunder the Dog #Found

"Thunder is Home !!!

I want to thank Brenda Johnson of Terryville who found Thunder on her porch this morning, all of my family and friends,facebook people, neighbors, residents of Terryville,Plymouth,Wolcott, Bristol and everyone else everywhere else who prayed, shared, searched, contributed,hung posters to help find Thunder. A special thanks to Granite State Dog Recovery, Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers, Find Thunder in Terryille/Wolcott, Packleader PetTrackers Jamie, Trigger and Dexter who tracked Thunder to the area he was found, my brother Michael Shatas who did everything he could everyday to help find Thunder and especially Roslyn Dorsey-Nenninger of the Wolcott Dog Pound and her husband Don who went above and beyond to help find Thunder we are forever grateful."

- Donna Shatas Hanson

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