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Warwick BEacon: Dog that bolted from airport rescued

The dog that bolted for freedom after arriving at Green Airport from Florida on the night of Friday, Nov. 13 has been reunited with his traveling canine partner thanks to an observant postman, a cooperative homeowner and a master tracker with two tracking dogs of his own.

“They are two wonderful people,” Toni-Ann Hanna said Wednesday morning of Postman Charlie Jubinville and Don Debeaulieu, who lives on Blackburn Street not far from Jefferson Boulevard.

Hanna mounted a campaign to find Socks, a lab and golden retriever mix soon after the dog slipped loose while being transferred from his traveling crate to a car at air cargo facilities at Green Airport. She posted flyers in neighborhoods surrounding the airport, put out a call for help on social media, visited area animal shelters and recruited as many volunteers as possible. Two people who Hanna is especially thankful of are Sheilah Graham and Shannon who helped search and get out posters.

Read more in the Warwick Beacon:,107570

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