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WCVB 5: Local dogs take pain, heartbreak out of search for lost pets

Putting up posters and and following reported sightings may only get you so far, but a local K-9 trainer and his two black labs are getting pets back to their owners quickly and safely.

Sharon Schawbel put PackLeader Pet Trackers to the test in June when Hannah, her six-year-old Field Spaniel, slipped her collar while staying with a sitter in Mansfield, several miles from home.

I was devastated, absolutely devastated, and would have done anything to get her back," said Schawbel.

Three days passed as she put up posters and searched for Hannah.

"All I knew is we needed some help locating her," said Schawbel. "I just started thinking, why can't I get a blood hound to look for her or something."

A friend told Sharon about Jamie Genereux and his labs, Dexter and Trigger.

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