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WJAR 10: Pet tracking helps find lost pets

PROVIDENCE — Nappy, a 10 pound Affenpinscher, went missing from his new owners' home just hours after he was adopted last week. The more time he was missing, the less hopeful they were to find him. It was the coldest week of the year.

"For a little dog this size to survive the elements - you can't even believe it," said Kim Penque of the Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter.

"Dogs can survive in the cold better than you think they can," adds Jamie Genereux, a dog tracker from Pack Leader Pet Trackers. "But it's pretty crucial to get them out of the cold as soon as possible obviously."

Genereux and his black Labrador retriever Trigger were called in to help in the search for Nappy after he was missing for four days. His dogs are trained to use a scent article from the missing pet to familiarize themselves with the scent. Then he brings them to the last known whereabouts of the missing pet and starts the search. In this instance, it worked!

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